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by helping you understand and comply with US tax law


Individual TAX

You do not need to face your federal tax matters without assistance.  The information on this website may help answer your tax questions.  In addition, we are available to assist you in your tax matter.


Business TAX

Every business could benefit from tax assistance.  More importantly, business owners who make more money are happier, and this can be achieved by considering profitability from the standpoint of taxes.


International TAX

Resident aliens are subject to tax on worldwide income much like US citizens.  Nonresident aliens are subject to income taxes based upon whether their income is FDAP or ECI.


About Us

“We help you save money by understanding and complying with tax law.”

Who We Are

We help you understand federal tax law.  We are able to approach your matter from both the standpoint of a lawyer and as an accountant.  Whether your matter involves business taxes, individual taxes, or an international tax questions, we would like to help.  Our firm was founded by Charles J. Zimmerer, Esq., C.P.A.

As an attorney-at-law and Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Zimmerer has a rare knowledge of federal tax law from both the standpoint of a lawyer and the vantage of an accountant.


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