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Investment Management Attorney in South Florida

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Being a successful investor requires, time, experience, good research, and constant analysis of multiple markets. The problem most people have is a lack of time. You are working, spending time with your family, or just enjoying the time away from work that you do have. These factors are why so many people cannot maximize the potential of their investments. At the law office of Charles Zimmer, our investment management attorneys are constantly and consistently evaluating new investment opportunities such as cryptocurrencies, analyzing the stock and bond markets, and researching new companies to maximize our client’s investments.

Timing is Everything

In the U.S., millions of stocks are traded each day, and each day there are people who do well and people who lose money. The key to yielding profits consistently throughout the year is timing, because most investments hinge on the ability to know when to sell a security and when to buy a security. You need to analyze stocks, the company’s and traders that sell them, review the stock’s performance metrics, and analyze new regulations. Each of these factors affects your bottom line and the trading price of your stocks or bonds.

Actively Diversify

Diversifying your portfolio offers you protection from a certain amount of risk, but when your portfolio is managed daily, weekly, or monthly, you can take diversity to the next level. Frequently diversifying your daily trades and investments allows you to take advantage of daily changes in the market, selling when securities are priced high, and buying when stocks are undervalued.

Evaluate New Investments

In May of 2012, Facebook launched its initial public offering (IPO) at $38 a share. In the beginning, most people were sceptical that Facebook could go on to be a profitable company. As of May of 2018, shares of Facebook’s stock have been trading at up to $144 per share. Initially, no one could have anticipated that Facebook would transform into the corporate giant it has become today.


The story of Facebook’s success demonstrates an important investment lesson. Investors always need to analyze new investment opportunities. If you would have invested in 1,000 shares with FB in 2012, you would have tripled your money today. New companies enter the market every day. Each company should be evaluated based on a number of factors including the financial strength of the company including an analysis of its balance sheets, the business model of the company, and the potential the company has to make money in the future.

Don’t Confine Your Investments to the U.S. Markets

A lot of markets outside of the United States have potential, including the European and Asian markets. However, it is important to exercise caution and to research foreign companies thoroughly. Most people do not invest in these markets, because of the time difference in trading hours. For example, to actively trade in Japanese stock markets you have to be trading from 8 P.M. to 2 A.M. eastern time. However, an experienced investment manager knows that, regardless of the time of day, these markets have untapped potential and thus, should be incorporated into a client’s portfolio.


Our investment management attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that our clients succeed financially. Each day our investment team will evaluate new companies, actively manage your portfolio, and ensure that you are constantly yielding profits from diverse markets. So call our office today to speak with an investment attorney that works for you.


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